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Galaxy S AMOLED Burn-in

January 10th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random

Well i was over on the xda-devs site today, and there was a thread about amoled screens and burn-in.

So using some codes to get into “test” mode, i set the screen to all blue, red and green.

It was only while having the screen blue, did i see any real burn-in.

Its pretty bad really, considering this phone is 5-6 months old :/

The pixels that are damaged are the ones across the taskbar at the top and also (and this is a funny one) The name of my Ex can be faintly seen. This no doubt will be form the SMS app.

Here is a picture, you can just about make out the screen burn in it in the top right

SGS Acreen Burn

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7 Responses

  • Tim says:

    I’ve owned a galaxy s for 5 months and have even worse burn in than your screen. Samsung will pay dearly when more people realize how prominent the burn in is.

  • admin says:

    I really didnt realise i could get that bad so quickly!
    I guess amoled isnt ready for the big time yet.

  • Not noticed anything so far on mine (3 months in use). Hoping that burn-in problem won’t appear on my Galaxy S.

  • Shiftlock says:

    I have flashed about 3 different roms on mine since i have it so the notification bar at the top has changed and i believe this may help with the burn in. Also a tv tech friend of mine says that with some screens you can “wash” them out with a solid white screen left on for an hour or two.

  • admin says:

    Heya Shiftlock!

    Yeah i had several different roms on it, but they all used the default message apps which caused my ex’s name to burn into the screen lol
    Iv got a Desire HD now, absoloutly love it!

  • Stephen says:

    i have a dell venue pro device… amoled… burn in is so bad after 8 months, the phone is unusable for anything other than use as a phone.

    the skype interface for instance is completely unreadable because it relies on blue so much. email is impossible to read unless you are in a dark room.

    dell will not cover under warranty… i’m done with amoled!

  • admin says:

    Well i always said i would stay clear of AMOLED screens….untill my missus got me a galaxy nexus! Iv had this around 6 months now and iv not seen any screen burn, so far. So things are looking up these days!

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