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ms-sys – An absoloute life saver!

August 18th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Linux

Today i had a crash on one of my machines in work.

Xubuntu just kept crashing, grub became or something as all i got was the grub rescue> prompt.

I could boot a live enviroment off a flash drive, but the installer was corrupt on it so i couldnt get grub reinstalled.

So i couldnt boot windows and i couldnt get into xubuntu. I really really needed this system as its used for monitoring managed connections. So my brain was racking over ways to get it going again, after many hours googling, i found ms-sys.

What an absoloute lifesaver!!

After grabbing the .deb i installed it, ran a very simple command and got the windows bootloader reinstalled.

An absoloute life saver!

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