Chuwi HI10 Touch screen Driver

If you have reinstalled Windows 10 on your Chuwi Hi10 and find the touch screen driver fails to install, this is how to fix it.

After reaching out for help in the techtablets forum, a dude called "Daniel" worked it out.
The problem was that Chipone touch pad drivers are missing one file.
You need to copy WdfCoInstaller01011.dll to the chipone touch screen folder
The dll can be found in the DPTF\Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Manager folder

That worked perfectly for me.

You can grab a full copy of the 32bit Win10 drivers here

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  1. Giznp says:

    I have reinstalled Windows 10 on Chuwi Hi 12. Will this driver work?

    • jon says:

      I dont know whether the Hi12 uses the same touch screen. You can always try grabbing the driver and try installing it.

  2. by the way, ubuntu, and I guess all other distributions, don’t really like when a hardware module is removed from the kernel. Is there a way not to remove it finally compiled, and the screen reacts on touch. But the cursor moves in an opposite direction from my finger 🙂 So, it needs a bit of work on calibrating the whole stuff.

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