Setting up FreeIPA Centos 7

These are my notes on setting up FreeIPA on CentOS 7. Hopefully somone will find them useful.

Interface bonding Centos 7

This is a quick rundown on setting up interface bonding on Centos 7

Amazon AWS VPC VPN With BGP and PFsense

Setting up a VPC with a VPN and routes propagated over BGP was something i had recently tasked myself in work. These is how i made it work.

Ipmitool on ESXi 6

Its been confirmed that my staticly built version of IPMItool also works on ESXi6.

AWS VPC VPN and a Centos EndPoint

I didnt find much concrete information on terminating an AWS VPN on a Centos 6 box, so figured id write it up here, for my own reference as we as others.

Chuwi Hi10 64bit drivers - Including touch screen

64bit Win10 Drivers for Chuwi Hi10

Automated speedtests using speedtest-cli

Due to issues with my ISP, i wrote a really quick automated speedtest using speedtest-cli which sends the output to graphite.

Chuwi Hi10 32bit drivers - Including touch screen

32bit Win10 Drivers for Chuwi Hi10

Chuwi HI10 Touch screen Driver

If you have reinstalled Windows 10 on your Chuwi Hi10 and find the touch screen driver fails to install, this is how to fix it.

A new firewall from AliExpress

I recently bought a new firewall appliance from AliExpress, i figured id write a short review of the unit as a few people on reddit have asked how it is.