Continuing the theme of keeping everything backed up, i realised i wasnt backing up my pfSense configs. You can do this automatically with pfSense gold. Id highly recommend getting it, even if its just to support the pfSense project. If you dont want to for whatever reason (though id highly suggest you do) then you can roll your own backup script. Heres how.  

This is a quick run down on how to install pfsense 2.4 on a watchguard x750e.

Something i have recently setup on my home network is the ability to blacklist domains and ads by DNS. Instead of giving the correct address for the requested ad, my DNS server points the domain name to an internal server hosting a 1x1 pixel gif. This also reduces bandwidth used.

UEFI is a strange beast to me but recently bought myself a new laptop, a Lenovo Y50-70. After getting dual-boot working fine for a few days, Debian disappeared from the EFI boot menu and grub no longer booted. This looks like an issue with a corrupt EFI partition. This is how i fixed it.

This is a quick run through on how to get the HP ilo4 VSP working with Ubuntu.