SNMPD spamming /var/log/messages is a pet hate of mine. It causes so much rubbish to be sat in the logs. I had a hard time looking for how to do this on centos 7. I eventually managed to work it so im adding it here as i wasnt able to find the relevant resource online.  

My wife recently bought me a new flash drive. Its a 32GB drive from Ebay which she also got engraved for me. Its a nice solid drive which will be great to carry around on my keys...but there was a problem.

Instead of opening a bunch of ports to my home network, i figured it was easier to setup a reverse proxy for all the servers in my home. Heres a quick run down on how to do it.

My newnab+ install was running a little slow. Looking at the categories, it seems i had several hundred thousand releases in the "misc" and "PC 0-day" categories. As i dont use these, i figured a good start to speeding up the box was to empty both of these categories.

I had an issue with getting server-status to display while using mod_rewrite to display wordpress posts by their name. Here is the solution: