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Routing specific traffic over a PIA VPN using PfSense

While i do somewhat trust my ISP, I certainly do not trust my government. There is some traffic going in and out of my network that i’d rather not have tied back to me...


Using FreeIPA to authenticate OpenVPN Users on PfSense

I have been fiddling with multiple different authentication methods to centralise the authentication across all my devices and services. Im trying to push myself to use FreeIPA more as it seems to be becoming...


Amazon AWS VPC VPN With BGP and PFsense

Setting up a VPC with a VPN and routes propagated over BGP was something i had recently tasked myself in work. These is how i made it work.

A new firewall from AliExpress 0

A new firewall from AliExpress

I recently bought a new firewall appliance from AliExpress, i figured id write a short review of the unit as a few people on reddit have asked how it is.

Script to back up pfSense config 0

Script to back up pfSense config

Continuing the theme of keeping everything backed up, i realised i wasnt backing up my pfSense configs. You can do this automatically with pfSense gold. Id highly recommend getting it, even if its just...

ESXi, pfsense and failover IP – OVH 0

ESXi, pfsense and failover IP – OVH

I had great trouble getting this working initialy, mainly due to how OVH gives out failover IP. Here is the solution i came up with.