New year, New Homelab

There has been a lot of changes in my life including a new awesome job aswell as some family stuff, hence so few updates.
But now as i have a few minutes i figured id run down what i have been doing in my homelab and hopefully this will prompt me to update this blog with more articles.

Ill Link to each article on this list as i get around to writing them!

Lets start with hardware upgrades!

  • A new firewall (well actually 2!)
  • A new Unifi 8 port POE Switch (i do have a somewhat interesting snippet about configuring this!)
  • 5 new Unifi UAP Pro’s (Yes, 5!)
  • Surface Pro (2017)
  • A Dell R710
  • Couple of Raspberry Pi’s
  • Anycubic I3 Mega 3d printer (not so homelab related, but still quite cool!)
  • OBD2 Bluetooth adapter for my car (Which i have since damaged the OBD2 port on my car – Ill add about the project anyway though)
  • I guess this goes into hardware – Setup a bunch of LAG’s to improve bandwidth around the house.

Id say that is about if for the hardware. Things like the OBD2 bluetooth adapter dont really belong in there, but i was doing (what i thought was) a cool project with them, so added them in. Also somethings arent so much related to my homelab, like the surface, but it was kinda a hardware upgrade.

Now onto the software side of things.

Im likely to have forgotten a lot ofwhat ive done, so this list may grow.

  • Internal url shortner for cough…streaming linux iso’s….
  • Got Bind Views working in NAMED. This is for a kid friendly network.
  • Steam + others cache – This will be somewhat interesting as ill go through adding it into existing infrastructure instead of realying on the included DNS server.
  • LibreNMS – Got a sweet looking weather map of my core network
  • Pfsense upgrades and addd-ons
  • On-site splunk cluster
  • Volumio sound system
  • Some Tautulli work for getting data into splunk
  • Some splunk dashboardng

Thats all i can think of at the moment, though im sure there will be more.

Check back later, fingers crossed ive written something!