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Resizing an AWS EBS volume

The Problem… I was working on the Chef AMI on AWS, there is a problem in that the version of OpenSSL that comes embedded is vulnerable to CVE-2016-2107. Even though this CVE is quite...


Setting up FreeIPA Centos 7

As per wikipedia, FreeIPA is an open-source project sponsored by Red Hat – which aims to provide an easily managed Identity, Policy, and Audit (IPA) suite primarily targeted towards networks of Linux and Unix...


Interface bonding Centos 7

I run my media downloading stack on a Gen 8 HP Microserver. This comes with 2 builtin 1Gbps ports (as well as the dedicated ilo port). As this machine is used for downloading and...


AWS VPC VPN and a Centos EndPoint

I didnt find much concrete information on terminating an AWS VPN on a Centos 6 box, so figured id write it up here, for my own reference as we as others.


Automated speedtests using speedtest-cli

Due to issues with my ISP, i wrote a really quick automated speedtest using speedtest-cli which sends the output to graphite.


Encrypting a USB Flash drive with LUKS

Here is a quick run through on how to encrypt a USB flash drive using Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS).


Allowing server-status on an apache proxy

For my new graphing machine (graphite, grafana, collectd) i wanted to be able to view the Apache server-status of a couple of my reverse proxy’s. This is the directive i had to add.


Setup crashplan on a remote headless host

I needed to setup Crashplan on my local linux server which is acting as an NFS and SMB server for all my media. As this is a headless server and the CrashPlan app doesnt...


Scaling up your Acestream Proxy AKA aceproxy

To test my Aceproxy, i posted the link to a particular subreddit to get some traffic generated. One of the main issues i saw with the proxy (excluding being reliant on the acestream source)...


Setting up an Acestream Proxy

Acestream seem to provide the best quality online streams, but as its essentially video over bittorrent, its not really the kind of traffic i want on my home network. This is a rundown on...