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Setting up Bind views

This is first post of hopefully many about my “kidnet”. The idea is to limit the kids exposure to the more “adult” side of the internet using BIND.

New year, New Homelab 0

New year, New Homelab

There has been a lot of changes in my life including a new awesome job aswell as some family stuff, hence so few updates. But now as i have a few minutes i figured...


Building a basic jekyll git and jenkins build pipeline

This website used to use Jekyll as its static site generator. I prefer working with static site generators as it means the website needs very little resources and isnt prone to as many vulnerabilities...


Using FreeIPA to authenticate OpenVPN Users on PfSense

I have been fiddling with multiple different authentication methods to centralise the authentication across all my devices and services. Im trying to push myself to use FreeIPA more as it seems to be becoming...


Basic Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana setup

Telegraf and influxdb seem to be the new craze in the time-series database world, add in Grafana and you have the basis for a very powerful graphing solution. I personally have moved all my...


Graphing Pi-Hole stats with Graphite and Grafana

Everyone loves the Pi-Hole. It does a great job blockig ad’s across your entire network. The admin page is also really useful to see whats been going on. Unfortunately the admin interface only gives...


Graphing the metrics from HP ilo2

I have recently acquired several Gen6 HP machines (2 x DL160’s & 1 x DL180). These are pretty old pieces of kit, but are reasonably priced. Not too loud and not too power hungry,...